DIY: Zodiac Blends

by Karen Hughes on July 24, 2020

Essential Oils have 2 characteristics that make them unique. They have a physical component and an emotional component. It’s the constituents (chemical compounds) within each essential oil that interact with the body inducing these characteristics.

Lavender, for example, we all know as a relaxing scent. Did you also know that it acts as a natural antihistamine? Simplistically speaking, when you inhale lavender, the olfactory bulb in your nose processes linalool sending messages from the brain to the body to calm down.

Rubbing lavender on a bite or sting acts in much the same way. Linalool immediately reacts with the skin activating a histamine reaction naturally, calming the swelling and easing the discomfort. Have you ever rubbed lavender on a bee sting or mosquito bite?

Today, I want to share some fun DIY’s for you to explore

We are all born under the sign of a Zodiac! I’m a Gemini…”The Twin”.

It’s fun to consider your personality and create your own personal essential oil blend that will support your Zodiac! Try one of these below and see how you feel about it! It’s a great way to explore both physical and emotional characteristics of essential oils!

If you need to order your essential oils, can click this link. Natural solutions are nature’s chemicals. Essential oils are plant extracts that help the body’s natural processes.

These three are a great introduction to essential oils! Get started today and begin your journey towards a natural solutions lifestyle!

Live Well, Be Well & Thrive!

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