BOGO Week – Island Mint

by Karen Hughes on July 26, 2020

Get Island Mint $32.67/$24.50, and receive absolutely FREE a bottle of Purify! That’s a savings of $26.67/$20.00, no matter which method you purchase with!

On Monday Morning (July 27, 2020), Island Mint goes LIVE and is the 4th BOGO of the Week! It totally reminds me Leon Russell’s song, “Back to the Island”! (Scroll down and listen to the “original version”.)


Island Mint

Be sure to Bookmark this page to come back for all the recipes using them.

Diffuser Blends

Learn (click here) more about Purify?

(Don’t forget that you can get these at wholesale pricing by adding $35 onto your order and selecting ‘wholesale membership!’) That’s it! Easy Peasey

FOUR “go to” uses for Purify. As you can see, it’s one of my favorite blends to use for cleaning and diffusing!

Examples of great ways to get your wholesale account!

Enroll with the Simple Solutions Kit on Monday, July 27, 2020 and Save over $50.

You get everything you see here PLUS a years membership to purchase wholesale for only $105 + $24.50 (Island Mint)
Click HERE to Enroll with the Simple Solutions Kit and ADD Island Mint!

With the Healthy Essentials Kit you’ll save over $100 and more with doTERRA Dollars in July!

Need a diffuser? This is your starter kit. Here’s what you’ll get this month!

  • Diffuser PLUS
  • Wholesale membership for 12 months
  • No Subscription order required
  • Join my private community
  • Add the BOGO (Island Mint) you’ll get Purify FREE
  • $50 dollars in doTERRA dollars to spend in August!

CLICK HERE to Get your Kit!

Enjoy this music just for you to take you to the Islands! Leon Russell Back to the Island

Be Well, Stay Well and Thrive!

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