A Wormy Adventure – Composting a New Skill

by Karen Hughes on September 2, 2020

Subpod Composting

Do you like to learn new things?

What kind of person are you?  I don’t mean are you nice or kind.  I mean do you like to figure things out on your own, or get help?  Have you ever tried composting?

I’ve started learning about vermiculture.  It’s a method of composting using worms. I ordered 2,000 composting worms…yes there is a difference. Things aren’t going too well; they’ve gone on a ‘worm-cation’. Last year I started with a composting drum; so I thought I knew a little about composting. This is a different form of composting that I discovered when visiting The Hike Inn, in Amicalola Falls, GA about 15 years ago.

Is this a natural skill?

This is not a natural thing for me.  The “idea” of gardening and having my own food source feels good, but I don’t seem to keep up with it enough make it happen. Gardening is not my #1 skill. I’m inconsistent about the care and feeding of plants, but I’ve been saving coffee grounds for use around plants for awhile. It’s a slow start into composting.

Why keep at it, if it’s not something I’m good at? It’s insanity right?

” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

What skill do you need?

Maybe it is the lack of education on my part. Maybe I start too far into the process to know what I’m doing right when it happens and as a result I don’t know what I’m doing when things go wrong! Heck, I don’t even know what kind of soil I have!

The picture above is a photo of my Subpod. Pretty cute isn’t it?! 

I used to be the “figuring things out” kind of person, fear kept me from asking for help! Fear of appearing stupid. Now I know better.

The shortest path to figuring things out is by asking for help. Today, I just want to KNOW and also learn from other people’s mistakes.

Learn what you need to learn

Brian Tracy spoke of a woman that was afraid to go back to school. She had always wanted to become an attorney, but felt it was too late for her…she was 60, and what was the point?
His comment to her was this: (paraphrased)

“So what?  You’ll be 61 next year and 62 the next. But what “IF” you did go back to school…what would that do for you? How would that change your life?”

Now is the best time

Now is the best time to learn something new or enhance the skills you already have. Do you want to know more about Essential Oils? What they do or why they work?

Do you want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle? Maybe you want to learn more about your family history, your ancestry, or learn a skill? Do it…Do it now while you are in isolation…

Never stop learning

We never do stop learning whether it is through trials or triumphs. By selecting a skill to enhance your knowledge YOU GET TO CHOOSE how you learn.

Character building

Learning or enhancing a new skill does more than just add knowledge. Learning builds character. It helps you help others. It fuels energy and give you another reason to wake up and seize the day!

I’ve started 3 new classes so that I can learn more.

  •  Essential Oil Specialist Class
  •  Neuro-Success and You
  • Social Media Training

Don’t do it alone

I grow in the groups I’m in: vermiculture, composting, yoga, quilting, hand sewing and more. What groups do you grow in?

I’d love to see/hear what you are doing to occupy your mind, stretching its muscle, learning new things.

And if you’d like to learn more about essential oils, join me on this journey!

Cheers to learning new skills!

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