doTERRA’s New Wellness Programs Explained

by Karen Hughes on September 17, 2020

Health Made Simple Wellness Program

doTERRA’s Wellness Programs were introduced at Pursue 2020. Over 30,000 of our “closest” oily friends joined together virtually and explored the science that supports the healthy use of essential oils.

Here’s an image of the products introduced in the Pursue 2020 Convention Kit: (the kit is available for anyone to purchase while supplies last)

Pursue 2020 Convention Kit Enrollment Fee Waived

What I want to focus on today is the introduction of the *WELLNESS PROGRAMS* that begin October 1, 2020!

Wellness Programs

I believe that these programs are a game changer in the wellness industry. It targets the 3 areas most often focused on in our health and well being:

  • Mind and Mood
  • Immunity
  • Relief

Do you remember your last negative health experience?

  • Maybe you were “under the weather” from a respiratory issue
  • Or emotionally exhausted. Our emotions have taken a hit lately
  • You might have even started a new workout program and feel it in muscles you haven’t worked in a while!!

We ALL experience some of these now and again..Some even at the same time.

You DON’T HAVE to exist in this state of being! That’s what these programs are all about.

You Choose Your Path

Wellness Program Health Made Simple and Easy

You decide what path you would like to start on. Start with the BIGGEST issue/concern causing the most disruption in your daily activity?

Below is an example of the Mind and Mood Path works:

Mind and Mood Program

Each program is a 90 day cycle. You know what they say…. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Actually that’s more like 30 days.

With these programs, you are stepped through a healthy routine that is easy to implement. When you choose to be part of my group, I will support you along that learning path answering questions and helping you move towards and implement healthier solutions.

Mind and Mood Wellness Program 3 Month Program

It’s been said that Yoga is a Practice. The more you practice the better you are at “seeing” and “feeling” your path. That can be said for wellness too.

Wellness is a lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is a practice too.. You didn’t get to where you are overnight and it will take a while for you to “see” and “feel” the changes you implement.

In month one you get a reusable Neoprene bag to easily identify and carry all your supplies in. Because doTERRA is mindful of the impact of carbon footprint, the remaining 2 months will be presented in reusable or recyclable bags.

Other Wellness Programs

In the next post we will explore doTERRA’s other two wellness programs, Immunity and Relief! I invite you to join me in the Wellness Revolution!

Which one will you try first? Still have questions? Let me hear from you! Let’s explore this together.

Be Well and Thrive!

Karen C Hughes

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