Greek Meatballs Using Essential Oils

by Karen Hughes on September 26, 2020

Lamb Meatballs

This Greek Meatballs using Essential Oils adapt two of my favorite recipes from Zoe’s Kitchen – rosemary beans and lamb meatballs. Exploring recipes from other cultures is a hobby of mine. Discovering new spices fascinates me as I learn about essential oils and their impact on body systems.

Essential Oils as a Substitute for Herbs?

While I do try to use fresh herbs, sometimes you just don’t have access to them. I most often have all the herbal essential oils. Substituting them is something I try to perfect. Herbs in this recipe are also great essential oils for supporting multiple body systems.

Herbal Essential Oils

(*NOTE: I only substituted Cilantro Essential Oil in the Meatball Recipe. I used Lemon Juice + a couple of extra drops of Lemon Essential Oil . I also added Spearmint because I didn’t have quite the amount of Mint required)

Greek Meatballs Using Essential Oils

Cilantro for example has over 71 published studies of health benefits.
It supports healthy digestion, purifies the air and supports a healthy immune system.

Coriander comes from the same plant as Cilantro. Leaves are cilantro, and the seed is coriander. 106 published studies of health benefits. Coriander is supportive of healthy digestion and promotes clear skin. It also used as a surface cleaner.

Black Pepper who knew these little black seeds could pack such a punch! Black Pepper can calm both the skin and emotions.
The scent may help ease anxious feelings, while massaging it in the skin creates a comforting, warming sensation.

Cinnamon over 371 published studies espouse health benefits! Cinnamon is a “hot oil”. It can be irritating to sensitive skin, so dilute before putting it on topically.
One of the lesser known benefits of Cinnamon Bark essential oil is its powerful cleansing ability. Water and White Vinegar combined with Cinnamon oil can make a natural surface cleanser.

There are similar recipes greek meatball recipes online and decided to try adapting this one with essential oils when I ran out of a spice.
Greek Meatballs

Want to know more about the cinnamon oil in this recipe? Check out this post and see if your Cinnamon is REAL.

Get the Rosemary-Garlic White Bean Recipe.

Live Well, Be Well and Thrive!

Karen C Hughes

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