By Karen Hughes On December 23, 2019

Normally, I do not struggle with motion sickness, but have a vivid memory about 5 years ago when I did. Do you struggle with feelings of nausea or motion sickness?  I was in the back seat of a car on a twisting, winding road… We were on the way to the airport and all I […]

By Karen Hughes On December 21, 2019

**Click Here to Save 25% on doTERRA Oils and Products** It can be scary when you first start to learn about essential oils. As scary and exciting as it might be, it’s also critical that you feel confident and LEARN how to use them properly to achieve your desired results. In this post (shared first […]

By Karen Hughes On December 20, 2019

Each Friday, in preparation for the weekend, I’ll share a Great Diffuser Blend for you! Some will be seasonal, some will inspirational.

By Karen Hughes On December 19, 2019

Is sleep an issue for you? Learn what essential oils to use to get better quality sleep!

By Karen Hughes On December 17, 2019

This week I explored converting several recipes to include essential oils. If you like to cook or bake, you probably want to use GOOD ingredients. Essential Oils are a way to deepen the flavor of your favorite recipes. I don’t use essential oils each time I cook or bake. More often than not, I will […]

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