By Karen Hughes On July 21, 2020

When you purchase Turmeric today (Tuesday, July 21, 2020) you'll get a FREE bottle of Cheer! Turmeric is an essential oil that can be taken internally, diffused as well as used topically! Cheer is doTERRA's Exclusive Blend that supports emotional health! Check out the benefits below of each and DON'T wait! Get on this....This special […]

By Karen Hughes On July 20, 2020

It's Bogo Week here at doTERRA and it's always a busy, exciting time. This Summer we are starting off the week with a BOGO Box! Today, (Monday, July 20, 2020) you can purchase ALL the BOGOs being offered over the next 2 weeks. You can see here what the featured oils each of the next […]

By Karen Hughes On July 17, 2020

These Ginger Shrimp and Mango Skewers are the perfect dish for a hot summer night! Ingredients1 pound shrimp, raw, peeled and deveined with tails cut off2 tablespoons olive oil½–1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakesZest of one lemon2 large cloves garlic1 drop Ginger oil3 drops Lemon oil3 heaping tablespoons fresh, chopped cilantroSea salt and pepper to taste 2 mangoes […]

By Karen Hughes On July 15, 2020

Bright, colorful, light, and citrusy, this is a perfect salad to make in the summertime. Ingredients1 cup uncooked quinoa2 cups water½ teaspoon salt2 medium tomatoes, seeded and cut into chunks1 red onion, diced3 tablespoon olive oil1 (15-ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed1–2 drops Lime oil2 tablespoons lime juice1 drop Cilantro oil, or to taste1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and […]

By Karen Hughes On July 14, 2020

doTERRA's Ginger Essential Oil is sourced from Madagascar. It is Pure, Potent and thoroughly tested to ensure the safe aromatic, topical and internal use.. Uses and Benefits Use it in your Asian Dishes. For years, Ginger has been an integral ingredient in many recipes. It adds sweet, spicy flavor of ginger to a dish. You […]

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